The foundation

We bring together collective impact catalysts focused on enhancement of the impact investment ecosystem in Central & Eastern Europe.

Co-Impact Foundation was established in 2018 by ACT Group, an impact entrepreneurship support organization with 15 years of successful regional track record in empowering more than 1,000 impact ventures and individuals. Co-Impact Foundation’s impact investment programs complete the circle of support and provide international collaboration opportunities to key actors in the impact entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem.

The Foundation’s strategy for the period 2020-2030 is aligned with the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goal 17.16: Enhance the global partnership for sustainable development. We are partnering with organizations and individuals who share our vision that compassion, collaboration and co-investment connected will lead to positive changes in society and environment.


Sanja Zivkovic

Director & Board Member
Sanja brings her heart and 15 years of international experience working across the private, public and nonprofit sectors to her leadership and program development role at Co-Impact Foundation.
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Teo Petricevic

Board Member
Teo is a born activist, serial social entrepreneur and social economy expert focused on fundraising and building Co-Impact Foundation’s strategic partnerships.
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Dora Grkavac

Board Member
Dora oversees all financial and administrative aspects of Co-Impact Foundation's operations, bringing her love of numbers and extensive experience in financial management to the role.
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