Dora Grkavac

Board Member

Dora Grkavac oversees all financial and administrative aspects of Co-Impact Foundation's operations, bringing her love of numbers and extensive experience in financial management to the role. She also works as a Finance Manager at ACT Group.

Dora is collecting, interpreting and reviewing financial information on a daily basis and predicting future financial trends. She reports to management and provides advice on how business and future business decisions can be impacted. She produces accurate financial reports to specific deadlines, incomes and expenses statements, cash flows and develops business plans based on these reports. Everyday challenge is monitoring and managing all expenses within allocated budgets to develop strategies that work to minimize financial risk.

She has extensive experience in EU and national project financial reporting, financial planning, financial and administrative monitoring. She has experience and interest in the field of public procurement, keeping abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation and advising of non-profit organizations in the field of finance. Dora graduated on Faculty of organization and informatics.