Board Member

Ivan is the go to person for out of the box ideas in agriculture, from founding short supply chains, leading cooperations to digital innovations. He is the Co-impact Foundation's expert in agriculture and rural development, as well as organization of impact events.

Ivan Blažon is an agronomist focused on development of farming organizations and implementation of technological advances to the sector. He is surrounded by agriculture his whole life. From helping on the family farm to graduating top of his class as Master of Science in agriculture, farming was and is a vital part of his life. Before joining ACT Group as an expert, he has worked as an orchard manager and technologist in one of the biggest apple orchards in Croatia. In ACT he is a project manager on agriculture and rural development focused projects. Additionally, he initiated the organization of an operational group for implementation of technological advancements in agriculture organization and establishment of natural sciences laboratory within ACT Group.

Ivan is a trained facilitator and accredited mentor with different kinds of trainings attended including training of trainers for farming organizations hosted by FAO. To maintain a direct contact with real production, Ivan is working directly with farmers as the vice president of the first Croatian short supply chain "The Best From Medjimurje Region" and manager of social agricultural cooperative "Domači vrt". His passion for new technologies led him to become a facilitator within Agrifood, digital innovation hub as its promotor and expert in Croatia. As it’s member he is included in numerous smart farming project and initiatives in the region. 

Ivan's vision is to create a agricultural future based on new technologies and cooperation of small farms.