Teo Petricevic

Board Member

Teo Petricevic is a born activist, serial social entrepreneur and social economy expert focused on fundraising and building Co-Impact Foundation’s strategic partnerships.

Teo was born and raised in a small town in northwest part of Croatia. He did primary and high school finished in his home region. In 1996, he moved to Zagreb to study, but instead joined various human-rights and culture organizations. In 2000, he returned to his hometown and initiated local citizen initiatives and nonprofits. That year, at 23, he started his first company. Some of the nonprofits are still operating today. In 2003 ACT Group was established. ACT Group is a community of social enterprises. Today it operates as a regional social business incubator and accelerator. In this 15-year period he initiated and developed over 20+ social businesses and support organizations. In 2011 he continued with studying and today he holds a Bachelor's degree in Project Management and Master's degrees in Commerce and Co-operative and Social Enterprise.

He is recognized as a social innovator, social business architect & consultant, social economy & civil society expert with more than 10 years of experience in organizational development, project management, fundraising, policy research, training, and capacity building. Since 2007, Teo has been active in the development of social economy, enterprise legislative, institutional, financial, and educational framework in Croatia and Western Balkan countries.