Feb, 2020

IMPACT Conference 2020: Fostering Lasting Impact and Change in Central & Eastern Europe

Ready for game-changing conversations on trends, best practices and success stories in impact investing, management and measurement? Networking with exciting international organizations, funds, ventures, and businesses? And most importantly, making true connections? Join us in fostering lasting impact and change at the IMPACT Conference 2020 in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina on 4-6 March 2020.

IMPACT Conference, a unique and first of a kind conference in South-East Europe dedicated to enhancing and accelerating impact investing, is co-organized by ACT Group, impact entrepreneurship support organization and Brodoto, social impact agency. This third edition of the conference hosted by Mozaik Foundation brings together leaders in the industry of impact investing, management, and measurement, and more than 200 impacters on several locations in the heart of Sarajevo.

Co-Impact Foundation is the strategic partner to IMPACT Conference co-organizers within its International Cooperation programs, aimed at deepening and scaling collaborations and partnerships among impact investment ecosystem stakeholders in CEE.